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Mattersville Volunteer Application

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with us! Once we receive your application we will reach out to set up your orientation according to your availability response.

Are you willing to complete a background check?
Do you have experience in any of the following areas? Select all that apply.
We also welcome volunteers to stay and "celebrate" AFTER the day's project is COMPLETE. Do you understand?
Which days and times would you like to volunteer?
Please note: once you commit to a schedule you will be expected to report on time every week. We understand that school, work, family and finding employment are your highest priorities, just let us know if you will be late or absent. Please contact us via email or text as soon as you know there will be a change to your commitment. Do you agree?
We often film and photograph volunteers at work for marketing/promotional and educational purposes. Can we use your image in our materials or let people from the media photograph or film you?
Dog Friendly Environment: Here at Mattersville, we often have multiple dogs owned by staff and/or veterans enter the community, often unannounced. They are all trained and friendly. If you have an issue with the presence of dogs in the community let us know. Please do not bring your personal dog. Do you understand?
Are you interested in becoming a Wolf Handler? This will require you to commit 100% to a day of the week that you can complete the Wolf Care for the day, to include walking, watering, feeding, and any enclosure repairs, and poop scooping. Extra training is required.
A "Orientation" is required to start volunteering. Please indicate whether you would like to attend on Thursday or Friday. If you cannot attend at those days or times please select "Other" and write in your availability and we can try to schedule you. Bring work clothes, work boots, gloves and any snacks you may need throughout the day

Thank you for your interest!

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