Vets Saving Pets

Because No American Service Member Should Have To Give Up Their Family When Called To Serve!

One of our favorite upcoming projects for Mattersville is Vets Saving Pets. Though don't let the name fool you. The Veterans that will be living at Mattersville will be loving this project as well, as love can be the best medicine. 

When our reserves are called away to serve or even someone who thought they were stationed somewhere for a while. Our Service Men and Women may come across a pet that came into their care. Who can afford boarding costs for months on end? Will they get the attention that their pets deserve when they are off defending our nation? 

Once Mattersville's first community is up and running we plan to provide a solution to that worry. We plan to have Veterans that live in Mattersville be able to foster care for their pets while they are deployed, and right in Mattersville!! Before a Service Member deploys they can come meet a Mattersville Veteran that will take care of their pet while they are away. When they return, their family member will be there waiting for them. Our Matterville Veterans may even teach them some new tricks while they are away. Chances are their pets will teach our Resident Veterans some tricks as well. 

Donations are always appreciated to help get this project underway. If you would like to volunteer to plan a fundraiser for this project please contact us. We would be glad to work with shelters or adoption centers to spread the word that soon there will be somewhere for our Military members to take their Furfamily for care while they are away without having to give them up forever.