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Mattersvilles mission is to help Veterans throughout the country. Through collaborations and other properties we are bringing Mattersville to state after state to help sustain Veterans. Here you can find out and learn about each one of our locations so far.


Originally, Hartsel was planned to be the first Mattersville location. However, someone reached out to Drew with a proposal, and in 2019, Mattersville stepped onto our property in Sedalia with the goal to clean it up and house veterans! To date, Mattersville Sedalia has cleaned the 7 acre property of over 360,000 lbs of trash, and it has been established as the welcome location for participants and staff! The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation was successfully transferred to the Sedalia location in late 2019 and early 2020- since then, more wolf-dogs have been rescued and housed on the property. While Sedalia was not the first location, it is truly the grounds in which the organization got rolling. Plus, what a view!

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