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Former Denver Bronco Reuben Droughns Joins Mattersville to Tackle Veteran PTSD and Suicide!!

Former RB of the Denver Broncos Reuben Droughns teamed up with our local Colorado Non-Profit Organization Mattersville to address the Veteran PTSD and suicide epidemic across the nation. With the VA now reporting an average of 22 U.S. Veteran suicides per day, it's about time we start talking about solutions. When Rueben first met with Mattersville's Founder Drew Robertson in September, he immediately stepped up to get involved. He not only decided to participate in Matterville's community events he has decided to do a whole lot more. Rueben has selflessly offered to provide a piece of Colorado land for the first Mattersville Community!

A special thanks to Reuben Droughns and his wonderful Family for getting involved and making a difference!! Without him, the Veterans we hope to help right away would have to wait even longer. The military teaches its personnel many great skills. The one thing they don't teach is reintegration back to civilian life. We intend to help with that!

Mattersville's first community event will be held on November 10th and Reuben will be there to meet those in attendance. To learn more about how you can get involved with Mattersville's upcoming events or whole vision, visit our official site at and don't forget to subscribe.

A special thanks to Reuben Droughns and his wonderful family for getting involved and making a difference!!



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