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Committed to The Cause because the cost of doing nothing is unacceptable...


Drew Robertson

Founder/ Executive Director

Besides being a fulltime father to his two daughters, Drew's devotion towards helping Veterans is unmatched. Prior to launch, Drew put in years of research to create the foundation of what became Mattersville. Drew is a Solar Design Specialist and studied at Solar Energy International focusing on off-grid solutions including battery banks. His motivation came from the loss of one of his best friends, Former Marine Randy Hansen, who suffered from PTSD for years leading up to his accident.

Tony Guida

Chief Construction Adviser / Founding Level Board Member/ Vice President

Tony Guida is the owner of Mile High Window, Solar & Landscape Inc. He has a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado and specializes in green building and designs that use environmentally sustainable products and materials. His company Mile High WS&L is based in Arvada, Colorado. Although Tony is not a Veteran he recognizes the sacrifice and challenges that face Veterans, as his father and uncles all served in the military. He is passionate about improving opportunities and options available to Veterans returning from service.


Danielle Lewandowski

Assistant Executive Director 

After joining Mattersville at the very beginning of 2020, Danielle has become a dedicated member of the Mattersville team.  Originally, she heard about Mattersville when she heard about the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation’s closing- upon hearing the wolf-dogs were moving, she wanted to help in the transferring process.  After finding out more about the organization, however, she decided to become a recurrent volunteer! She was inspired to dive into helping the organization as much as possible after knowing the goal was to help Veterans, but also take in the wolf-dogs. Since she started volunteering, she’s dedicated countless hours into helping where she can! She’s thrilled to see Mattersville continue expanding, and is excited to see where it builds in the future.

Jennie Nelson


A move to Colorado in 2019 allowed me to find a volunteer organization that inspired me and allowed me to step away from the office where I am a Corporate Accountant. Mattersville did that for me and I love being able to give to our Veterans help build a sustainable community for them to thrive.


Mia Tanaka

Florida Property Co-Director
My given Anglo name is Mia but my Native name is Hibi d' Aniki (Pure Heart) I am of TAINO ancestry from Puerto Rico Rico (Añasco/Mayaguez area) I am 62 years young. I was born in Miami Beach, FL but raised in New York.  I have a Masters in Social Work and have my own consulting business.  I've worked in the Miami VA Hospital for seven years but have been in the public health sector for the last 25 years working for the Florida State Health Department.  I just sold my food truck in October of last year which allows me to spend more time doing what I love - I love to go camping and taking care of my two wolf/hybrids and working at the Fountain, FL  Mattresville location.  As a social worker that has worked with Veterans I have seen first hand the debilitating stigma and barriers veterans face as they try to re-enter civilian life.  I feel that it is my responsibility to help in any way I can when possible to help our returning veterans adjust to their new military identity/life and to get over the obstacles that everyday civilian life can throw at them.

Florida Property Director

A couple weeks after finding out a long time family friends son, had started this organization; Drew then asked me if I wanted to be a part of this amazing Pack! I am a Private LPN and Caregiver for Veterans, a spiritual advisor and the Director of Pack 22 Florida. Have been raised always having German Sheppards, wolves and wolfdogs in my life and now working with Veterans and wolfdogs is a dream come true! Wouldn’t trade it for the world!


Dani L
Florida Pack Handler

Dani has always had a huge heart for all kinds of animals, from all walks of life. She was a certified groomer for years in a small town in North East Pennsylvania before making the move to Mattersville Florida. Her interests include horseback riding, anything artsy, and has recently become quite the Gardenerette. She first heard about Mattersville through another one of our pack22 Florida members, and knew right away she needed to be part of our Wolf pack. 

Lori and Will Pursell
Market Director (Lori) Building Coordinator (Will)

Lori and Will became a part of Mattersville after following Drew on Social media, Lori was a current wolf dog owner and thought it would be a good organization to be a part of since it combined all of Will and Loris passions into one. Both have fathers who are veterans, have a love for Wolfdogs and PTSD is something that they have concern with as well, after the ptsd related suicide of Lori’s best friend of over 20 years.


Jo L
Florida Assistant Property Director

Being a natural caregiver and working in the homecare industry for the past 20+ years, she knew it was time for a new adventure. Jo always gravitated towards nature and animals growing up.  Since she was a child she has always been fascinated and in love with wolves and all that they represent, i.e. family, loyalty, teamwork, freedom and so much more. When she discovered Mattersville, she knew she had to become part of the pack. Having the mindset of leaping head first and knowing that the net will appear, she reached out to Mattersville to begin the next chapter of her life. The rest is history."  

Rikki Ogborn

Kansas Property Co-Director
After my first visit to Mattersville I felt like I was at home. Surrounded by people to call a family, and animals to help heal, I had found my calling! Even as a child I have been helping people and animals alike. I am glad to be able to work with a team to help veterans and wolfdogs overcome and heal!


Dave Childress

Chief Operations Officer


Dave is a Veteran of the 82nd Airborne and the first Mattersville graduate. Upon graduation, Dave was offered the role of COO to help guide his Veteran Brothers and Sisters through successful completion of our programs. Dave is also the first Veteran to become a Pack 22 certified wolf/wolfdog Lead Rescuer!

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