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Key People

Committed to the Cause because the cost of doing nothing is unacceptable..

Drew Robertson

Founder/ Executive Director

Besides being full Time Father of his 2 Daughters, Drew's devotion towards helping Veterans is unmatched. Prior to launch Drew put in years of research to create the foundation of what will become Mattersville. Drew is a Solar Design Specialist and studied at Solar Energy International focusing on off-grid solutions including battery banks. His motivation came from the loss of one of his best friends Former Marine Randy Hansen who suffered from PTSD for years leading up to his accident.

Kristyn Hansen

Interim Treasurer

    I became involved in Mattersville because Drews' passion for what he is going to accomplish here is incredibly infectious and inspiring.  Helping our Nations Heroes...  How do you say No?  It has been beyond rewarding thus far and we've barely even scratched the surface!!!  I even got my Son involved and he absolutely loves it!  Seeing him work so hard to help in any way he can makes me a proud Mama!         Having come from Family Members who have served and my Brother who is currently serving as a Chief in the Navy on the USS Abraham Lincoln, you just assume these brave Men and Women will forever and always be taken care of given their selfless sacrifice.  I ignorantly assumed they had it made when they got out!  But here's the wicked truth and horrific reality... They're NOT!  Society is discarding them as if they are damaged goods and it's a heart wrenching tragedy.         But here's the beautiful thing... that's not the case anymore because of Mattersville. Drew's vision is now a reality and it's exploding like wild fire.   The lives we are going to save with this program is going to change the World and I am so humbled and honored to be a part of that!

Yvonne Rampa

SOCO Director/ Board Member

Yvonne Rampa collaborated with Mattersville when she was working on her project for the homeless veterans while working with NeighborWorks/SCCL in Pueblo, CO. Yvonne’s vision of housing our veterans has become her dream, and is very near and dear to her heart. Her father in-law is the founder of Pueblo Ritual Team, Pueblo is known for Home of the Hero’s. Yvonne is about giving her all to her community, she speaks at many veterans chapters and committees to spread the awareness of our homeless veterans, and who also suffer from PTSD. She sits on many boards and council committees, Habitat for Humanity, Veterans Council Committee, Pueblo County Community Development Corp, a member of Better Business Women’s Network, she is also an ambassador and a member  for The Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce. Her background is in Mortgage Lending with Pivot Lending Group, Banking and Government loans for new businesses in Pueblo. Her heart is Pueblo Colorado, she is a mother of 3 children and a grandmother of 2, her family are her biggest supporters in all she does.

Paul Trujillo


Veteran bio coming soon!

Tony Guida

General Contractor/ Founding Level Board Member

Tony Guida is the owner of Mile High WIndow, Solar & Landscape Inc. He has a degree in Environmental Studies from University of Colorado and specializes in green building and designs that use environmentally sustainable products and materials.His company Mile High WS&L is based in Arvada, Colorado Although not a Veteran he recognizes the sacrifice and challenges that face Veterans including his father and uncles who served. He is passionate about improving opportunities and options available to Veterans returning from service.