Mattersville Pack Leaders

Committed to The Cause because the cost of doing nothing is unacceptable...

Drew Robertson

Founder/ Executive Director

Besides being a fulltime father to his two daughters, Drew's devotion towards helping Veterans is unmatched. Prior to launch, Drew put in years of research to create the foundation of what became Mattersville. Drew is a Solar Design Specialist and studied at Solar Energy International focusing on off-grid solutions including battery banks. His motivation came from the loss of one of his best friends, Former Marine Randy Hansen, who suffered from PTSD for years leading up to his accident.


Tony Guida

Chief Construction Adviser / Founding Level Board Member/ Vice President

Tony Guida is the owner of Mile High Window, Solar & Landscape Inc. He has a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado and specializes in green building and designs that use environmentally sustainable products and materials. His company Mile High WS&L is based in Arvada, Colorado. Although Tony is not a Veteran he recognizes the sacrifice and challenges that face Veterans, as his father and uncles all served in the military. He is passionate about improving opportunities and options available to Veterans returning from service.

Kristyn Hansen

Chief Operations Officer

    I became involved in Mattersville because of Drew's passion and what he is going to accomplish here. It's incredibly infectious and inspiring.  Helping our Nations Heroes...How do you say "No"?  It has been beyond rewarding thus far and we've barely even scratched the surface!!!  I even got my son involved and he absolutely loves it!  Seeing him work so hard to help in any way he can, makes me a proud Mama! Having come from a family of the military who has served, and my brother who is currently serving as a Chief in the Navy on the USS Abraham Lincoln, you just assume these brave men and women will forever and always be taken care of, given their selfless sacrifice.  I ignorantly assumed they had it made when they got out!  But here's the wicked truth and horrific reality...They DON'T!  Society is discarding them as if they are damaged goods and it's a heart-wrenching tragedy. But here's the beautiful thing... that's not the case anymore because of Mattersville. Drew's vision is now a reality and it's exploding like wildfire. The lives we are going to save with this program is going to change the world and I am so humbled and honored to be a part of that!


Ben Corliss

Co-Director of Animal Care

Ben was born and raised in Colorado.  His mother served as a nurse in the United States Army, and his father was an avid outdoorsman and mountain climber.  Ben is a member of the Bearded Villains, a worldwide charity organization with the mission to help as many people as they can all over the world.  Ben worked with our wolves at the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation and helped facilitate the transfer of the wolf-dogs from RMWF to Mattersville.  Ben has wolf-dogs of his own that live with him, his wife, and an 8-year-old daughter at his home in Colorado Springs.


LaVon Anderwald

Texas Director In Training

A single mom of four outstanding kids born and raised in Texas. Former Army supply sergeant in the 82nd Airborne Division & 18th Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg North Carolina from 1994-2000. I was with the Texas Army National Guard from 2000-2002 and after my last tour, I continued for 2 more years to volunteer as the president of the Family Readiness Group for our deployed soldiers. I have my own experiences with close friends and family who have PTSD and have seen first-hand the struggles that go on to keep our Veterans safe. Personally, I've experienced the gaps in care as a disabled Veteran myself. It's a tragedy to see the number of homeless Veterans with PTSD wandering the streets with no hope of help. I'm proud to be a part of Mattersville both as a volunteer and as a Veteran to see the progress made each week to help my wounded brothers and sisters. 
My personal mission is to bring Mattersville to Texas and to serve my great state by bringing home Our Heroes. In the meantime, I'm fortunate to be a member of a great group of volunteers whose purpose is to find a way to help those who've been damaged in the military. We continue to work towards healing and building a strong community of both volunteers and Veterans to change the history of how we treat PTSD. Mattersville is a great organization that loves its Veterans as we love our country. When you have given all you can give and the system fails you, there are still those of us here to help you and Mattersville is the place to find what you're looking for.

Kathy Hunseder

Chief Financial Officer

I have worked for the U.S. Government as a budget analyst for the last 26 years and was a military spouse for 31 years. Supporting our service members has been a huge part of my life for a very long time. I have lived in Germany, Qatar, Arizona and now I am back in Colorado. I was looking to volunteer and figured I could bring my budgeting skills to the table as well. I heard that The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation was closing and Mattersville was stepping up and taking all of the wolfdogs that were impacted by the closing. I contacted Drew about helping with the Warriors with Wolves Program. I was so honored when he said: "of course". I'm so excited to be part of the staff/family at Mattersville. I have met great people there. Together we help each other and we are there for our Veterans.

Jennie Nelson

Events Coordinator

A move to Colorado in 2019 allowed me to find a volunteer organization that inspired me and allowed me to step away from the office where I am a Corporate Accountant. Mattersville did that for me and I love being able to give to our Veterans help build a sustainable community for them to thrive.

Danielle Lewandowski

Director of Social Media

I have only been helping at Mattersville for a short time, but I love it!  Originally, I heard about Mattersville through the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation, and when I heard the wolf-dogs were moving, I wanted to start volunteering.  When I found out more about it, however, I became even more thrilled at the idea of helping them - an issue that's been close to my heart, though I was never sure how best to help, was the main focus of Mattersville! I wanted to dive into helping them as much as possible after knowing the goal was to help Veterans, but also take in the wolf-dogs.  I work a lot during the week, and one of the best ways for me to help out is through social media. I'm excited to be a part of this team!


Jonathon Schmidt

Veteran Peer Mentor Director

I am pursuing my education in Psychopharmacology.  I love helping people out when in need.  I am a disabled Veteran.  Mental health is a big deal with me.  A person's overall well-being is what's most important.  I want to put an end to the Veteran suicide rate of 22 per day.  I came to Mattersville to better serve my fellow Veterans.  I would like to make it known that there is life out there and people care for Veterans.


Lydia Reed

Civilian Peer Mentor Director

I was born in Georgia where my Dad was stationed at Fort Benning. He retired from the military when I was three months old and moved the family to Colorado. So, I consider myself a Colorado native.  I grew up on the southeastern plains of Colorado in the Arkansas Valley.  I moved to Denver the summer before my senior year of high school and passed the GED test.  I attended Community College of Denver for two years and transferred to Metropolitan State University where I earned a B.A. with a major in Behavioral Science, completed the teacher education program, and earned a teaching license.   My goal when I entered college was to become a guidance counselor.  However, at the time, two years of teaching experience were required before entering a master's program in counseling. I enjoyed my experience as a Social Studies teacher, but I had a passion for helping students navigate high school and beyond, recognize their potential, and formulate and enact a plan for their future.  I received a Master of Arts degree in Educational Counseling from the University of Phoenix and am currently a licensed counselor for grades kindergarten through 12th.  I’ve been an educator, counselor, mentor, and coach for over 20 years and hope to continue teaching, learning, exploring, and growing for another 20 more.


Kelli Becker

Air Force Veteran

I discovered Mattersville on Christmas Eve 2019.  I immediately knew I HAD to be involved, whether it was as a Veteran in the community or as a supporter.  To my surprise, I was unanimously selected to be their first female Veteran resident. It's as if the universe picked my brain and created Mattersville. It's the life I've been asking for. I'm so grateful for the entire team. It's an amazing place to be supported in.  I feel safe and cared for, something of which has been missing for so long as a survivor of two bouts of military sexual trauma, from which I now have severe PTSD as a result. I served for 13 years collectively in the Air Force, both active duty and reserves, as a protocol driver for the Air Intelligence Agency, CENTCOM, and SOCOM and as a Mental Health Technician. I deployed in the mid-'90s to Prince Sultan Air Base. I then used my GI Bill and received a BA in General Psychology and a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I used those degrees to work at a great nonprofit in Chicago called The Arts of Life.



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