Committed to The Cause because the cost of doing nothing is unacceptable...


Drew Robertson

Founder/ Executive Director

Besides being a fulltime father to his two daughters, Drew's devotion towards helping Veterans is unmatched. Prior to launch, Drew put in years of research to create the foundation of what became Mattersville. Drew is a Solar Design Specialist and studied at Solar Energy International focusing on off-grid solutions including battery banks. His motivation came from the loss of one of his best friends, Former Marine Randy Hansen, who suffered from PTSD for years leading up to his accident.

Tony Guida

Chief Construction Adviser / Founding Level Board Member/ Vice President

Tony Guida is the owner of Mile High Window, Solar & Landscape Inc. He has a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado and specializes in green building and designs that use environmentally sustainable products and materials. His company Mile High WS&L is based in Arvada, Colorado. Although Tony is not a Veteran he recognizes the sacrifice and challenges that face Veterans, as his father and uncles all served in the military. He is passionate about improving opportunities and options available to Veterans returning from service.


Randy S.

Chief Operations Officer

A Military Veteran, Randy, began volunteering at Mattersville in January, 2019 with the Bearded Villains Rocky Mountain organization. After a few weekends of volunteering and dedication, Randy was invited  to participate in Mattersville's Civilian Training Program in February 2019; soon thereafter, he quickly climbed to volunteer coordinator within the Mattersville family, and is now the Chief Operations Officer. When Randy isn't working on Mattersville projects or taking care of our wolf dogs, he spends his time with his cat Lil Bit working on his hobbies, which includes music production, spending time with the rest of the staff, and being a positive light for everyone, guests and staff alike.

Danielle Lewandowski

Assistant Director

After joining Mattersville at the very beginning of 2020, Danielle has become a dedicated member of the Mattersville team.  Originally, she heard about Mattersville when she heard about the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation’s closing- upon hearing the wolf-dogs were moving, she wanted to help in the transferring process.  After finding out more about the organization, however, she decided to become a recurrent volunteer! She was inspired to dive into helping the organization as much as possible after knowing the goal was to help Veterans, but also take in the wolf-dogs. Since she started volunteering, she’s dedicated countless hours into helping where she can! She’s thrilled to see Mattersville continue expanding, and is excited to see where it builds in the future.

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Jeanelle Mack

Animal Care

Since I was a young girl, wolves were one of my favorite animals. I was brought up in a military family, so I moved around quite a lot, and a year after we moved to Colorado I had my first wolf tour experience at Rocky Mountain Wildlife Foundation in 2013. I was too young at the time to volunteer, so I waited until I graduated high school to start an internship at RMWF. My plan was to go back the following summer between semesters, but unfortunately the owner had announced the closing of his sanctuary. I found out that the animals were being transferred to Mattersville's Sedalia property and decided to join them. I'm so glad that I'm able to continue working with the pack and more so to help end the stigma of mental health!

Jennie Nelson


A move to Colorado in 2019 allowed me to find a volunteer organization that inspired me and allowed me to step away from the office where I am a Corporate Accountant. Mattersville did that for me and I love being able to give to our Veterans help build a sustainable community for them to thrive.


Jen Libby

Volunteer Coordinator

After her retirement from the Air Force, Jen was looking for ways to help veterans.  In early 2020, she was looking into PTSD support for veterans and discovered Mattersville.  She immediately contacted them and has been a part of their team ever since.  The Mattersville mission of providing sustainable housing and a strong support network while also saving veteran and wolf-dog lives just speaks to  her.  This was THE organization she was seeking!

Ben Scott

Peer Mentor Director

A Marine Corps Veteran, Ben, joined our ranks in May, 2021. Immediately traveling to help establish and build both our Texas, and Wisconsin location, he was offered the position of Veteran Peer Mentorship Director. When he’s not undertaking the latest project, or working with the Veterans of Mattersville, he can be found camping and spending quality time with his dogs, Chevy, Manny, and Miri. 🤘😎


Andi Wich

Co-Director of Animal Care

Andi is, first and foremost, a father of three beautiful children. In the past, he was a District Manager for Geek Squad in California. Most recently, he was the GM of 24 Hour Fitness in Colorado Springs, and GM of World Gym of Palm Desert. His mission: To nurture himself and others by meeting them where they are, inspired by the beauty in all. He was led to Mattersville, initially, because of his love for wolves, and his interest was solidified by his love for the healing of others, particularly veterans that have given their heart, bodies, and souls for the protection of our country’s citizens. He had one very good friend take his life to suicide, and aims to make a difference in the lives of vets. These brave men and women have his respect and he honors them. His purpose is to be a part of a healed world, and he has found the place to do that with the gifts he has. He is grateful for this opportunity and those he will work with.

“What you seek is seeking you” - Rumi

Jess Link

Co-Director of Animal Care

Jess discovered her love of wolves by the time she was three. Upon visiting her first wolf sanctuary, Jess decided that is what she wanted to do in life. This decision has guided her every move since then. She is currently earning her B.S. in Psychology with the intent to earn a PhD in Animal Behavior. In 2020, she discovered Mattersville and was drawn to them. As the daughter of a retiree, Jess understood the challenges our veterans experience after the military, so finding a place that loves wolves and veterans was AMAZING!



Events Coordinator

Jaysson is a combat veteran with the Army who found out about Mattersville through his involvement with the Bearded Villains of Pikes Peak! He reached out to Drew via social media to come visit Mattersville as a veteran! Upon his first two visits, and after talking with Drew about his future vision, Jaysson felt this was one veteran cause he wanted to get behind and help support! He volunteered to be the Event Coordinator of Mattersville, and looks forward to watching this cause get bigger and helping veterans across America get help and headed into a positive direction!

Rachael Lantier


This is Rachael Lantier and she is the Acquisitions Director, helping to make sure that Mattersville can get the items needed for operation. She is a Navy Veteran, military spouse, dog mom, and boy mom. She is so grateful to have found this organization. She has struggled with mental health for as long as she can remember, and having this huge and outstanding network of individuals available is a huge relief for her. She looks forward to growing with this organization, and helping others do the same through educating about mental health and how it affects veterans and others.