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Mattersville Design Contest

We are taking submissions from the public for a Patch, T-Shirt and Logo design. Please click the link below for the submission form and details.


Upload your design for any of our 3 different contests. Winners will receive 1 items of anything printed using their design as a thank you! We will describe what we are looking for on each upload. You may submit multiple designs. Designs should be made to reflect the values represented in each upload location. We reserve the right to use or display any submissions on social media or other advertising properties to properly promote this campaign. By uploading your images you are giving permission to Mattersville to use said content for such purposes. Mattersville may go on to use said designs for continued fundraising and marketing, the person submitting any images understands that they are not eligible for any payment of any kind for their submission. Winners selected August 7th by votes!

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