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Civilian Training


Civilian training, improvise adapt and overcome. Something our Veterans are taught throughout their rigorous training. A mantra that at times has kept them alive. They are taught to be vigilant in their principles and actions no matter their surroundings. Because if they are not, their life may have been on the line.
But how often does society completely miss the difference in the worlds they are trained for, and the world we actually live in as a society?  They say wisdom is not the amassing of knowledge, but truly lived.  So it's safe to say our soldiers are wise in ways we will never be able to understand, and vice versa.

So what have we done with our soldiers when it's time for them to transition from one world to another. From an environment of war, to an environment of peace and establishment.  The simple answer is next to nothing. No one really takes the time to re train the minds, we trained them to be agents of war. To take orders and follow them at all cost, until the next order comes in.

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This is the initiative of our civilian training reform. Take the idea of improvise, adapt, and overcome., apply it not to war time training and survival techniques,.but overcoming the struggles of reintegrating back into society. The same way it takes a whole program to train a man to be a soldier, it in some cases will take a program to train that man to be a productive member of society again.

As with any program there are steps and phases to accomplish an ultimate goal, whether it be individual goals, or team oriented. With this program we have the advantage of both. Soldiers are taught to survive no matter the cost, and leave no man behind. So when one brother/sister is being directed in a righteous path he is taking other brothers or sisters with the same mind set, goals and aspirations with him.


What we’re creating here is a new kind of accountability for these men and women.  A community rich environment built around progress, and retraining our soldiers to face the transition of functioning in different worlds, and facing the demons that hold them back from progressing as civilians.

Civilian Training: Programs
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