Welcome to Mattersvilles first Charity Online Gaming Event Tournament.

Sponsored by

First Nation Group

This May 16th we will be hosting a Call of Duty: WarZone Charity Tournament.

Tournament Info

This May we will be hosting our first Mattersville Charity Tournament.

This tournament will be limited to 150 people in a singles only WarZone match. The tournament will start at 5pm (MDT) 7pm (EST) on Sunday May 16th. It's suggested all participants join 30-45 minutes early to ensure everyone is invited to the lobby.

This will be one match, with one first place, second and third place winners. Winners will receive a pre-paid card for their prize.

Prizes will be based on the percentage of the pool based on how many people participate.

1st Place will receive 15% of the pool

2nd Place will receive 10% of the pool

3rd Place will receive 5% of the pool.

To enter you must be at least 18 years of age.

1 Entry is a minimum $20 donation. Please use the form below to enter.

Entry Form
$20 Donation for entry to Mattersville WarZone Tournament.


Thanks for entering! Join our Discord for any questions. Discord is limited only to those who entered the tournament. Make sure to join the day of tournament to make sure you get in! https://discord.gg/5v7rKDTYcQ

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