Welcome to Mattersvilles first Charity Online Gaming Event Tournament.

This February 20th at 2PM GMT we will be hosting a Call of Duty: WarZone Charity Tournament. This is a Duos tournament so bring your best teammate.


This is a Duos Kill Race Tournament. Teams of 2 compete to accumlate the highest score of two consecutive games. Each kill (including Gulag) are worth 1point. Placement is also worth points starting at 10th place with 1 point all the way to 1st place with 10 points.

To enter it is a minimum $20 donation to Mattersville. Donations are non-refundable. There is a K/D cap at of 1.5 (your K/D ratio cannot be higher than 1.5) per player and you must have played at least 100 WarZone games. Eligibility is to those over 18 and in the United States. With your donation you must enter your Activision ID in the notes of the donation to verify your eligibility. Winners will be subject to ID Verification to ensure age and location.

Any form of cheating will result in ineligibility for prizes and a ban from future tournament events.

The team leader of each team is responsible for streaming their participation for their team on Twitch to verify winners were not involved in cheating. Make sure your Twitch settings are set to save previous streams so we can watch the Video on Demand. If your team wins and we do not have a video on demand to watch your team will be forfeit.

Registration ends February18th at 12AM Midnight GMT.

Once your entry is received and verified you will be receive a invite to our official Discord server that will host the tournament event.


Entry Form
A Minimum of a $20 donation is required to enter.



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