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For adoption from Mattersville, all requirements must be met when constructing an enclosure/containment for a wolf-dog hybrid. The following conditions must be met and agreed upon adoption of a wolf-dog hybrid from Mattersville or its representatives.


It is understood that wolf-dog hybrids are derived from a wild species and could be potentially dangerous at any time, and that all animal(s) will not be left unattended around children or any unauthorized person(s) at any time without supervision. The animal(s) will be kept in a pen and never permitted to run free. It is agreed to build a regulation size pen that is in conformity and compliance with rules and regulations of Federal, State, and Local permits required by law.


To begin, it is suggested that all enclosures are at least 700 sqft. All enclosures must be escape-proof with a top (or high enough fencing). As you must follow all rules and laws in providing containment per Federal, State, and Local regulations, some states will allow open-top pens, but much higher fencing, while others will not. It is agreed you will look into local laws and meet requirements. 


Dig guard must be installed and fortified to ensure animal(s) cannot escape through digging out. It is advised that the dig guard is also covered to reduce possible injury to animal(s).


Additionally, cheap wire fencing will not hold wolf-dogs, and you must use cattle panel or fencing of a higher quality. Mattersville prefers no-climb horse fencing.


Gates are the weakest points, and must be made very strong with easy access to the inside. Sally ports are suggested, as they provide extra security when accessing enclosures. Be sure to secure doors, as animal(s) can figure out latches easily.


If desired, photos and videos can be provided of Mattersville pens for outlines of how enclosures can look. All requirements are designed with animal safety in mind.


After 60 days from the time of adoption of the animal, a proper enclosure/containment must be completed. If containment is not completed at 61 days from the date of adoption, surrender back to Mattersville with no refund is necessary. All future care for the animal will then go back to Mattersville.


Wolf-dogs require a lot of time and attention. The Mattersville Wolf-Dog Ownership Protocol is a useful guide to help you and your new companion bond and create a successful partnership. 


Please contact us if you are interested in adopting an available wolf-dog

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