Providing a safe community for Veterans to thrive into a sustainable tomorrow.



Mattersville exists to provide sustainable housing for Veterans, in order to reintegrate them into civilian life, believing that wellness, dedication, integrity, and support will be the platforms for them to reclaim their lives and thrive.


Sustainable Tiny Home Communities For U.S. Military Veterans

Mattersville is a housing and job training non-profit for U.S. Military Veterans. Our first community is planned for Colorado in 2019.

Veteran Homes Is Where Our Heart Is!
Mattersville is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization


Who We Are

We are the Americans that are tired of waiting for our Vets to get the appreciation they deserve.

Here at Mattersville, we are driven by a single goal; to do our part in making the world a better place for all, starting with our Veterans. This can only be achieved by us all coming together to help as many as we can. At Mattersville, a little help can go a long, long way. Our plan goes beyond simply housing. From sustainable living to job training, and job placement in high paying industries to get our vets back on their feet. We intend to confront PTSD and Veteran suicide head-on. 


Whats The Plan?


Tiny Homes

By building tiny homes for the Vets in our communities, we are able to provide them with warmth and security while they get back on their feet or reintegrate back to civilian life. By being in a community of fellow Veterans they will be able to address common issues among the Veteran community like PTSD and combating Veteran homelessness.


Civilian Training

Our Military teaches our Service Members many things. The one thing they surely do not teach is how to be a civilian. This part of the program will include job training, community outreach, financial education and much much more...


"FEAR Can have two meanings. Forget Everything And Run, Or Face Everything And Rise. The choice is yours."

Zig Ziglar


Contact Us

Only U.S. Military Veterans will approve for housing. For general contact or to see how you can get involved please fill out your info.


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